• Where can I see more samples of actual photo sessions?
- Additional sample portfolios can be found here:
    > Solo Women
> Duo Women
> Couples
> Kink & Fetish

• How long in advance do I need to book my photo session?
- Generally, it is advisable to book your session at least 3 weeks in advance.

• Is there any discount pricing?
- YES, discount pricing is offered for booking confirmed more than 30 days in advance.

• What do I need to do in order to confirm my appointment?
- Photo sessions are only confirmed after receipt of your deposit.

• Are deposits refundable?
- Deposits are fully refundable up to 30 days prior your scheduled photo session.  If you cancel your photo session with less than 30 days notice, your deposit will be forfeited.  If the photographer cancels a booking for any reason or at any time, your deposit will be refunded in full.

• Does photographer provide wardrobe/outfits?
- Due to the intimate nature of most garments, models must bring their own clothes to photo session.

• Does photographer provide overnight accommodations for Tropical or European locations?
- No, models must provide their own overnight locations
- however, photographer can often make suggestions.

• How long does it take to retouch the selected images?
- Generally, it takes about 5 business days after you have made your selections from the full proof set.

• How are the proofs and final select retouched images delivered?
- They will be emailed directly to you.

• Who selects the final images for retouching?
- Either, I can pick the best images for you or you can select your favorites from a full set of watermarked proofs.

• What size are the retouched images?
- The final “select” retouched images are 2000 pixels in the longer dimension, suitable for all upload on-line purposes.

• Can I order extra retouched images?
- Yes! - extra retouching can be ordered at a rate of $50.00/image - at anytime in future.

• Can I get a copy of the Hi-Res digital files or 'Negatives'?
- No. Generally, the photographer does not issue copies of the hi-res digital files to his clients. The photographer stores these files in his multiple digital archives.

• Can I purchase a copy of the ‘Hi-Res’ digital files or 'Negatives'?
- Yes, but that would involve a separate agreement and requires an extra fee.

• Does the photographer provide wardrobe?
- No, due to the personal nature of most intimate apparel in these photo sessions, it is not advisable to have garments shared by models. If a model wants help with selection, coordination or purchase of outfits and accessories, the photographer can arrange a professional clothes stylist who can be hired to assist.

• Who owns the image files and the copyrights?
- The photographer always retains ownership of all images as well as the copyrights to those images. Model has free right to use images.

• Do your sessions always involve nudity?
- No! Nudity is not an expectation or requirement of any of my sessions. It is strictly up to each person to set their own comfort level in this matter, and I always respect and honor your requests without pressure or judgment.

• Can our pictures be keep private?
- Absolutely, I never display any pictures from a private photo session unless a model signs a Usage Agreement and Release form.

• Do we have to sign a release?
- No, the signing of a model release is never required in a commissioned session. However, the photographer may ask that you consider signing a release if a session yields some particularly artful results - this would only be a request and not a requirement.