New Video from Paris

On My Way

We carefully planned out our storyboard for this romantic vision of Ava in Paris with great care and anticipation. We started in a wonderful small 5-star hotel, once a brothel, with plans to drive through Paris passing many iconic sights on our way to the Ritz Hotel. Unfortunately, with all our great planning, we did not count on a transit strike! So, we crawled along at nearly a walking pace for over 2 hours as we attempted to route ourselves past our planned sights. In the end, we did manage to get all our iconic vistas in camera and complete the shooting schedule. The gentleman who turns at the end of our video was completely unplanned and not staged - a lucky break at the end of a frustrating afternoon. Enjoy!

Review of La Petite Mort book

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Review of Artist work

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Review of La Petite Mort book

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