Private Photo Sessions & Covid-19

The lingering Covid-19 pandemic has basically eliminated the potential for any international travel, as borders restrictions between countries have tightened or been eliminated - not to mention the ever present overriding health concerns that comes with air travel. The promise of the vaccination roll-out over the spring and early summer months does give us hope that these travel restrictions will ease by midsummer and our photo session touring can resume.

In the meantime, photo session in Toronto, Canada are continuing to be booked - so, if you find yourself in our hometown, we would be pleased to arrange a private photo session with you anytime. Of course, Covid protocols will be observed throughout the photo session.

Once travel restriction start to become more workable, we will resume our touring, with New York likely to be the first destination, hopefully in late summer - followed with Los Angeles and Europe in the fall of 2021.

To request a photo session, please use our Booking Form
Check our Touring Calendar for notices for cities & dates

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